Berlin Heart is your partner during the entire VAD therapy: from choosing the right system, through implantation, to postoperative management for your patients.


Permanent support for severe heart failure

INCOR® is an implantable left ventricular assist device. Its free-floating, active magnetic axial rotor bearing makes the system unique worldwide.

The INCOR® system has been designed to address the increasing number of long-term use cases within the scope of permanent therapy (known as destination therapy, or DT). Thus, the blood pump can permanently and systematically take over the work of the left ventricle without suffering from wear. INCOR® can also be used as a bridge-to-transplant (BTT) or bridge-to-recovery (BTR).

Berlin Heart offers a comprehensive service plan for this system. Our Clinical Affairs Team, composed of trained medical and cardiology staff members, supports you for the entire VAD therapy: Starting with product training, consultation for patient selection, at the implantation, right up to postoperative care and system instruction for the treating personnel.

If you have any questions, you can contact our experts at any time via the
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The LVAD offers

  • Biocompatible titanium blood pump with Carmeda® heparin coating
  • Total pump output of up to 6 L/min against 80 mmHg
  • Intrapericardial placement – no pump bag required
  • Determines flow and pressure curves
  • Pulsatility Control (PC) regulates the left ventricular (LV) filling
  • Suction Protection (SP) prevents myocardial wall suction
  • Periodic Flow Change (PFC) facilitates the washing out of the ventricle through periodic flow change
  • Suitable for use in destination therapy (DT) because the pump operates without systematic mechanical wear, thanks to the active magnetic bearing


A system of harmonized components

The INCOR® system comprises the following components:

INCOR<sup>®</sup> inflow cannula

The basis of our INCOR® cannulae is the medical grade silicone. The advantages:

  • 100% leakproof, therefore no pre-clotting necessary
  • Flexible enough to follow the movements of the heart
  • Dimensionally stable, so they do not collapse during chest closure

Thanks to the snap-in connectors, the pump can be safely and quickly coupled with the cannulae with absolute leakproof tightness. The patented mechanism allows for trouble-free de-airing of the system as well as simple position optimization of the pump-cannula combination.

Axial pump

The principle of the Archimedes’ screw

The blood coming from the heart flows into the INCOR® axial pump and passes first through the inlet guide vane which ensures the laminar inflow to the rotor.
The rotor has an active magnetic bearing and generates the pumping activity, while floating without any contact, at a speed of 5,000 to 10,000 revolutions per minute. The outlet guide vane behind the rotor takes the rotation out of the turning blood with the specially aligned blading, thereby building additional pressure, and directs the blood through the outlet cannula to the aorta. The electrical energy to drive the pump is fed by a cable which is conducted through the skin on the right side of the patient. The pump cable is connected to the driving unit cable via a plug connector close to the patient. This unit monitors and controls the entire system and is connected to the batteries which supply the pump with power.

INCOR® creates a constant blood flow which, in combination with the residual cardiac contractility of the native left ventricle, results in a pulsatile blood flow. As the only axial system in the world, INCOR® has a free-floating rotor with active magnetic bearing.

Outflow cannulae

In addition to our textured titanium inflow cannula, we offer two alternative outflow cannulae:

  • INCOR® graft outflow cannula
  • INCOR® silicone outflow cannula

External components for secure support

The INCOR® left ventricular assist device consists of the implantable pump and its various external components. The patient carries the control unit and batteries in the specially designed INCOR® carrier bag. It is used for the safe storage and transport of the components.

The pump cable is fed through the skin and connects the pump with the cable of the control unit via the plug coupling situated close to the patient. This unit controls and monitors the entire system. The main and backup batteries are connected to the control unit and supply the system with power. The battery life of up to seven hours ensures a high degree of mobility.


This is how the INCOR®LVAD works: