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Press release

Berlin Heart develops its own clamp-on ultrasonic sensor

Developed in cooperation with the sensor technology specialists at Sonotec, the clamp-on ultrasonic sensor allows flow measurement with all EXCOR blood pumps and cannulae in combination with the new driving unit.

The EXCOR® ventricular assist device is designed to provide mechanical support of cardiac function in patients suffering from heart failure. It is the only paracorporeal system with market approval for patients of all ages—from newborns to adults*. Besides offering purely left-ventricle support, the EXCOR® system can also be used in patients experiencing failure of both ventricles, making it the only ventricular assist device with CE certification and FDA approval** for use in long-term biventricular support (BVAD).

As part of its current project to develop a new mobile driving system for the EXCOR®, Berlin Heart plans to offer a clamp-on ultrasonic sensor for measuring flow rate directly (liters/minute) in all pump- and cannula variants of its pulsatile VAD system, in combination with the new driving unit.

Although a wide variety of clamp-on ultrasonic sensors capable of measuring flow rate through tubes are already available for medical applications, none of the sensors previously brought onto the market have been suitable for use with Berlin Heart’s EXCOR® paracorporeal system. As a result, the company joined forces with the sensor technology specialists at Sonotec to develop a special ultrasonic sensor that will allow all EXCOR® pump-and-cannula combinations to be used with the newly developed driving system.

Besides having geometric measurements best described as “miniaturized”, the new clamp-on ultrasonic sensor is also innovative in how it attaches to pulsatile EXCOR® blood pumps— its mechanical connections to the blood pump and the silicone cannula are one-of-a-kind. The sensor will be available in multiple design variants to ensure that it can be used effectively with all supported combination of EXCOR® pumps and cannulae.

Sensor communication and power supply are provided through the newly developed driving system.



About Berlin Heart

Berlin Heart GmbH is the only company in the world that develops, manufactures and sells ventricular assist devices for patients of all ages and sizes* suffering from heart failure. The EXCOR® Adult and EXCOR® Pediatric systems provide short-term and long-term support for cardiac function and are therefore a life-saving therapy option for patients. Berlin Heart also offers clinical and technical support around the clock.


*Please note that not all articles may be available, depending on approval region.
**FDA approval for pediatric use