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The mobile driving unit for EXCOR® blood pumps


EXCOR® Active*

The mobile driving unit for EXCOR® blood pumps

Small, smart, agile - EXCOR® Active**. The new mobile driving unit for the pulsatile ventricular assist device EXCOR® was developed especially for children with severe heart failure. Small as a hand luggage and with a battery runtime of min. 6.5 hours, EXCOR® Active offers children with heart disease, supported by EXCOR®, more mobility and independence.



„With our new EXCOR® Active we want to offer children more possibilities. Our systems should not only save their lives. While being supported with the EXCOR® they should play, walk, learn and laugh like every other child.”

 (Dr. med. Ares K. Menon, General Manager Berlin Heart GmbH)

  • Driving unit as small as a hand luggage, only 15 kg including batteries
  • Battery runtime of min. 6.5 hours even in BVAD mode
  • Active flow measurement with custom alarm settings
  • Panel PC with user-friendly touch screen
  • Different mobilization options for different ages

Horizon Impact Award 2020

Proud to be winner of the Horizon Impact Award recognizing innovation that benefits society.

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EXCOR® Active - Designed for mobile and confident care.

The new driving unit EXCOR® Active supports all EXCOR® blood pumps and convinces with product features, which are optimally harmonized with one another:

Batteries – Long Battery run time for more mobility

  • Long battery runtime at least 5 hours, ~ 6.5 hours for BVAD in children
  • 2+2 batteries included for several hours of off-grid operation
  • Built-in emergency battery for additional safety
  • Easy charging in driving unit or at external battery charging unit

Flow sensor – Active Flow Measurement for optimized monitoring

  • Active Flow Measurement with ultrasound clamp-on flow sensor designed for EXCOR® cannula
  • Full control of pump performance by measuring blood flow
  • Alarm if measurement falls below flow alarm threshold (individually adjustable)
  • Different sizes to match the cannula diameter optimally

Panel-PC – Simple and user-friendly handling

  • Intuitive touch screen
  • Data storage in the driving unit (enough for entire maintenance interval)
  • Retrieval of data on panel PC at any time

Baby Buggy and Caddy – Mobilization options for every age

  • Individualized patient care for children of all age groups and better transport options
  • Caddy for the easy transport of the driving unit
  • Baby Buggy with two seat options for the smallest (≤ 17 kg)


For more information regarding approval and availability in your region, please contact us here.



Patient Stories

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Case Reports

The following case report shows interesting case studies on our  EXCOR® Active mobile drive.
Please find here the Instructions For Use (IFU).

*The access to some or all shown products may be restricted by country-specific regulatory approvals. The use of EXCOR® VAD for adults, RVAD-support, EXCOR® Venous Cannula, EXCOR® Arterial Cannula for Graft, Excor mobile and
  EXCOR® Active is not FDA approved and not available for commercial use in the US.

**In comparison to the stationary driving unit Ikus.