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Berlin Heart is your partner throughout the entire VAD therapy: from choosing the right system, through implantation, to postoperative management for your patient.


Welcome at the Berlin Heart Academy!

At the Berlin Heart Academy

At the Berlin Heart Academy we provide you the fundamentals of therapy with our cardiac support systems and current aspects of the clinical care of patients. Among other things this includes making decisions on the optimal therapy for patients with one of our heart support systems. The correct procedure for implantation with different cannulation and support options is discussed in fine detail, and the postoperative management of the patient is also discussed.

In the comprehensive practical portion you can train the daily use of our products on circulation models. You will learn about the routine use of our systems as well as the various settings and options for optimization. In training sessions you will learn to respond adequately to problems and emergencies so that you will be prepared in case of a real life emergency.

Your stay in Berlin will be rounded off with a tour of our production facilities. Here you shall experience how our products are crafted by hand and thoroughly checked for their functionality.

In our  training sessions we shall orientate ourselves towards your  needs and we shall prepare an individual agenda for your training group. The training is aimed at medical professionals who are involved in treating patients with products from Berlin Heart, from the operating room to the intensive care unit to the regular ward. In order to make the training as efficient as possible we recommend group sizes of six to eight people. Our goal is to prepare you optimally for the care of your patients in the daily routine as well as to deepen your knowledge.

We would be very pleased to welcome you for some exciting days of training in Berlin.

On site in your clinic

With training in your own clinic we enable you and your team to integrate the learning material into the daily routine of your clinic. During this training we shall provide the basics of how to deal with patients and manage the VAD system. In doing so we shall address any questions you have and provide practical advice on application. The provision of concrete tips and solutions for problem situations should make it easier for you to care for your patient.

In the practical part the functioning of the system can be simulated with the aid of a mobile circulation model. In this way you can deepen and consolidate your knowledge about the handling of the system. We also have the possibility to simulate clinical situations in practice and teach you the right way to react.

When formulating our trainingweorientate ourselves  towards  your desires and needs The training is aimed at the attending physicians, nurses, VAD coordination, cardiotechnicians and physiotherapy staff. In order to make the training as efficient as possible, we recommend a maximum of 20 participants.

We would be very pleased indeed to assist you in the care of your patients in your clinic.

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