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Press release

Berlin Heart and Scandinavian Real Heart enter into joint research project

Berlin, June 12th, 2020. Berlin Heart, experts in the field of polyurethane processing, have entered into a cooperative agreement for a joint research project with Scandinavian Real Heart to develop the manufacturing technology for polyurethane blood contacting components for the RealHeart® Total Artificial Heart.

Patients in heart stage heart failure often require complex mechanical circulatory support systems, which require extensive testing and highly reliable precise manufacturing processes. Berlin Heart GmbH has demonstrated expertise in materials, development and manufacturing with the products EXCOR® Adult and EXCOR® Pediatric, bridging patients to transplant.

The RealHeart® from Scandinavia Real Heart is being developed as pulsatile wearable long term support system for adults with end stage heart failure.

“We look forward to sharing our knowledge and experience in this exciting research project, so closely aligned to our own mission to sustainably improve patients’ lives” says Sven-René Friedel, Managing Director of Berlin Heart GmbH.

More information about Scandinavian RealHeart: https://realheart.se/en/

About Berlin Heart
Berlin Heart GmbH develops, manufactures, and markets innovative ventricular assist devices (VADs) for mechanical circulatory support. With the EXCOR® Adult and the EXCOR® Pediatric, Berlin Heart is the only company in the world able to provide support to patients of every age and size, from infants to adults.
Berlin Heart’s systems provide left ventricular, right ventricular, or biventricular support (both sides); hospitals around the world use the system for short-, medium-, and long-term circulatory support, providing patients with a life-saving treatment option.
Users can also access round-the-clock medical and technical support.

The access to some or all shown products may be restricted by country-specific regulatory approvals. The use of EXCOR® VAD for adults, RVAD-support, Excor mobile and EXCOR® Active is not FDA-approved.