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Patient Story Andreas

At the age of 7, Andreas was diagnosed with bone cancer in his fibula. The cancer was treated with chemotherapy. Nevertheless, he needed an amputation on thigh height und furthermore, the chemotherapy damaged his heart.

March 2019: The doctors diagnosed pneumonia and an additional drop in heart function, which caused organ failure. Andreas was connected to a heart-lung machine (ECMO = Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation) and a biventricular EXCOR® VAD was implanted. After 10 months on EXCOR®, he received the long awaited and life-saving message – a donor heart is finally available! 

After a successful rehab and daily training, Andreas is back home.

Berlin Heart wishes Andreas the very best for his future!

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Find out more about the EXCOR® system: https://www.berlinheart.de/en/medical-professionals/excorr-adult/


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