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Celebrating Agnes's Triumph: A Journey with Berlin Heart!

We had the privilege of sitting down with Agnes's parents to hear their remarkable story.

 Agnes, once a healthy little girl, faced a sudden health crisis at the age of one, diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy. The road led them to Großhadern hospital, where, after trying various treatments, the doctors deemed Berlin Heart EXCOR® pediatric as Agnes's only chance for survival.
Agnes's mom shared, "We were scared at the beginning. We didn't want to accept that our daughter, our healthy daughter, would need that device. But today, she is alive with her own heart because of Berlin Heart, definitely! Hundred percent."
Initially skeptical about the device and the challenges it posed, the family embraced it as the only option. Agnes became a living example of resilience, surviving with her own heart one year and three months later. Her mom emphasized the importance of trust in technology and medical professionals, stating, "Trust the doctors. They are doing a great job, and they are definitely there to save lives."
Despite the challenges, Agnes's parents never lost hope. They encouraged other parents facing similar situations, sharing, "Never lose hope. Your kid has a chance. Your kid has this option of treatment which is perfect." They emphasized that with proper measures and precautions, life can still be enjoyed, even with a connection to medical devices.
Now living in Munich, the city where Agnes was saved, the family is emotionally connected to the place. Agnes, now a bit older and more conscious of herself, leads a healthy and normal life. Her mom expressed joy in the routine they now have, saying, "We can go on holidays, go up in the mountains, and she can go to kindergarten. We have a normal life."
As they approach Agnes's fifth anniversary, the family is ready to celebrate her triumph. She is truly a champion, embodying strength, resilience, and the power of medical advancements.