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Press release

100th EXCOR Pediatric Implantation in Spain

In March 2015 the clinic La Paz Madrid recorded a particular success: After ten years of EXCOR® Pediatric therapy in Spain, the 100th implantation of the Berlin Heart was performed.

La Paz is one of the leading Spanish hospitals for pediatric heart surgery. Almost simultaneously in another clinic in Madrid the 101st implantation took place and further implantations followed.

The clinics in Spain benefit from an excellent service by Palex Medical SA as partner of Berlin Heart on the Iberian Peninsula. Every surgical procedure is supported by a team of clinical specialists on-site to make sure that all decisions meet the patient’s individual needs. The users are located in the seven most important cardio-surgical centers all over the country and thus offer general coverage.

The Spanish hospitals look back on a very positive EXCOR® experience, even in international comparison: 60 % of the patients could be successfully transplanted, 12 % are currently on EXCOR® Pediatric support and hope for a donor heart. Due to the lack of organ donors, the current development in Spain, as in other countries, leads to more implantations of VADs. Together with Berlin Heart, Palex Medical SA is very proud to make an important contribution in saving lives and will further expand its ambitious service.

About Berlin Heart
Berlin Heart GmbH develops, manufactures, and markets innovative ventricular assist devices (VADs) for mechanical circulatory support. With the EXCOR® Adult and the EXCOR® Pediatric, Berlin Heart is the only company in the world able to provide support to patients of every age and size, from infants to adults.
Berlin Heart’s systems provide left ventricular, right ventricular, or biventricular support (both sides); hospitals around the world use the system for short-, medium-, and long-term circulatory support, providing patients with a life-saving treatment option.
Users can also access round-the-clock medical and technical support.

The access to some or all shown products may be restricted by country-specific regulatory approvals. The use of EXCOR® VAD for adults, RVAD-support, Excor mobile and EXCOR® Active is not FDA-approved.