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Two hearts in one night

❤ 942 days of support! As always, we were very closely supporting the LMU team in Munich, Daniel and his mother Diana.



The story of little Daniel is deeply emotional, and we are more than happy that he crossed the bridge to transplantation thanks to EXCOR® and a great team of pediatricians in Munich. 

❤ Shortly before, Luca also received the news that a donor heart is available!

Luca was born with a single-ventricle heart, a failing of his #Fontan circulation led to a dramatic deterioration of his health condition. A listing for a donor heart was thus no longer possible. 


With the help of the newly developed EXCOR® Venous Cannula, Luca became the first patient in the world to receive a standardized sub-pulmonary circulatory support, and with the EXCOR® Active mobile drive he recovered very quickly. Luca was listed for a donor heart again! 

We take our hats off in high appreciation to the great team of specialists of heart surgery at Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich! We are grateful for the trust placed in Berlin Heart.

Press conference of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich
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