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Lukas (10 month) receives new EXCOR Active driving unit

Since his birth, Lukas has been suffering from a cardiomyopathy; his heart function is therefore severely restricted. To support his left ventricle, an EXCOR® Pediatric was implanted at the Universitätsklinikum Erlangen when he was only seven months old. Three months later, beginning of May 2020, Lukas got the new driving unit EXCOR® Active. Lukas’ parents are grateful for the innovation. “The new driving unit is so quiet, which is a great relief”, says Lukas’ dad. Staying for three months on the pediatric cardiology ward of the University Hospital Erlangen, they are happy being now able to go for a walk in the hospital garden. A small piece of regained freedom for Lukas and his parents.

More information about Lukas and his story.