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500th Ikus ready ready for delivery

1996 – our Ikus driver receives CE-approval. Since its first delivery to Udine, Italy in the same year, a lot has happened. Since then, 499 Ikus drivers left the Berlin heart production and supported more than 4.000 patients – from newborn to adult – worldwide in 46 countries on six continents. Especially for our youngest patients, the Ikus together with the EXCOR Pediatric is often the only chance to survive the time while waiting for a donor heart. We are more than happy, that our 500th Ikus will start his journey soon. As this Ikus is something very special, it got its own eye-catching logo. Hopefully, we will get a lot more happy patient stories to trace the journey of this 500th Ikus. Thanks to all production team members, who worked on this Ikus and many before that.